Qualified. Committed. Efficient.

CopyXen’s native English-speaking professionals provide English content services focused on document editing, social media messaging, and design. We specialize in identifying your brand’s voice & culture, ensuring all your communications reflect that voice & culture. Our services include direct access to our dedicated staff, which is committed to quality, clarity, efficiency, and convenience. Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a subscription or a document-credit account.

(Email us for customized options.)

1. Sign into your account anytime.
2. Upload any document from any device.

3. Fill in a few information fields and then submit.

The native English editor(s) assigned to your account will edit and return documents within 24 hours, depending on the documents’ length and the service level of your account*. Once documents are completed, they will be returned directly to the email address you provided when signing up for your account.

*Our premium services guarantee faster return times based on your specific needs.

After you have received and reviewed edited documents, you can query your account’s native English editor(s) regarding any copy within those documents. Your account’s editor(s) will be available for up to 8 hours per day to respond to any questions or requests.

What’s the bottom line?

We are committed to 100% satisfaction.
Our convenient service will help streamline your communications and improve your overall efficiency.